Jodi Hill: Meeting with Dieuwke was a warm experience. She has a grounded and soft presence. I really appreciated the amount of time she spent settling in and connecting with my energy, hearing what was coming up for me in the week prior to our session and what energy was coming to the surface to move. I felt she had a really strong intuition and created a lot of safety with me through her communication.

The de-armouring was equally intense and releasing as other sessions i've had from other practitioners. Dieukwe's magic really came through in her energy work, her attunement to the subtle fields, and fully embodying the divine feminine with wild grace. It allowed for so much to move and be seen without having to pick it apart to "understand" it. There was a sense of soft nurturing that I haven't experienced before, and I could feel the total love and acceptance for what was.

I left feeling simultaneously relaxed and energized. That evening I had a lot of anger that naturally bubbled to the surface, and this time i was able to access the pain and grief beyond the anger. By the end of the evening, i had a feeling of freedom in my body and my heart.

In the days following my session, I have felt more attuned to my sensitivity, more sensually aware in my body. I feel like i have a clearer level of discernment that I am operating with, and my physical sensation has increased from head to toe. I feel more expressive and confident in my interactions - especially with men. (A lot of what I processed was sexual abuse with men)

This was not my first de-armouring session, but this has definitely been my most graceful integration experience.