Yoni healing


Yoni is a tantric word for the vagina, uterus and cervix. It is also translated as a holy temple. Our yoni is the place from which new life is born, where creative ideas arise and where our strength resides. However, the yoni can become heavily armoured. With an open, soft and juicy yoni you live from a deep connection with your female wisdom and intuition.

What is yoni de-armouring?

Yoni de-armouring is a kind of healing that focuses on clearing blockages in and around the yoni. Our cervix, for example, is like a magnet for tension and stress but also for armour that has to do with shame, crossing our boundaries, sexual abuse or saying yes while our body wasn’t ready.

Shame on sexuality

The first armour actually arises in our childhood when we discover that we are sexual beings and our parents tell us that we cannot touch our yoni. In some cases they even say that it is dirty or that we are not allowed to play doctor (conditioning). In this way, parents create the idea that you must do it secretly.

Painful sexual experience

It could also be that you had a painful sexual experience later in life. This can be sexual abuse in the worst case but also has other variants, such as having sex while you are not sexual aroused, a birth that didn’t go well or a gynecologist who goes in a little too suddenly.


You can feel armor in your yoni as harder tissue and it often concentrates around the vaginal opening and/or cervix. Armor is not necessarily bad as it helps us to survive. However, in survival mode we easily become stuck in our heads. With de-armouring we can get back to our feelings so that we may let go of our traumas and return to being soft and free.

What can a yoni de-armouring do for you:


    • Restore connection with your yoni and the rest of your body
    • Release blockages, pain, emotions or trauma
    • Soften hardened tissue
    • Feel clear and maintain healthy boundaries
    • A much nicer and free (sex) life
    • Deal with shame about sexuality and let it go
    • Release tension
    • Feel much more during sex
    • Feel sexual or life energy flowing through your entire body

A happy yoni … soft and juicy!

What does a session look like?


A yoni de-armouring session takes 2.5 to 3 hours. During a session I invite your body to release stored tension, pain and blockages through loving touches on your body. De-armouring works best if you feel safe so I work fully tuned in to you with a soft, loving presence.

The session starts with clarifying your wishes, boundaries and desires while enjoying a cup of tea. After some time spent connecting, I begin with a body massage and opening up your energy channels. Using my intuition and softness, I invite you to relax so that armour that is ready to be released is given the attention and space it requires to dissolve. At first I work around the outside of the yoni and then only once you are completely ready I begin the internal yoni healing. This is a combination of massage and working with pressure points to make the accumulated stress / hardened tissue become soft and loose. After the session there is time to feel and share what has been touched in you.

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